Account channel

Service specification

Direct to Bank methodDirect credit to bank account in Vietnam Dong (VND)
Supported beneficiary account type – Individual only.
Supported sender type - Individual and company.
Transaction Turnaround Time· 24x7, same day credit within 30 minutes for NAPAS RAIL
· T+0 Vietnam banking days for Traditional Rail (Use Account Number) before 12.00PM Vietnam Time. Highlighted with *
· T+1 Vietnam banking days for Traditional Rail (Use Account Number) after 12.00PM Vietnam Time. Highlighted with *
Area availabilityVietnam nationwide
Validation / VerificationAccount validation is available on Napas Rail only.
Amount receivedBeneficiary to be received the payout amount round down to the nearest VND 500
Transaction LimitVND Payout
Maximum per Transaction VND 300,000,000.00
Minimum per Transaction VND 10,000
Compliance accumulated limit VND 300,000,000.00 per day per Beneficiary

Transaction will be on hold for compliance review based on the supporting document should the sender or receiver has exceeded the compliance limit.
Maximum BeneficiaryNo restriction
Service ChargeTransaction Fee will not be refunded once the Transaction is accepted by the gloRemit® Service System and submitted by the gloRemit® Service System to the Payout Channel.
Cancellation ProcessCancellation is on best effort basis.
RemarksAll decimal value will be round down to 0.
Do_Transfer bAccType Value1

Supported bank

NoNameOther NameIssuer Code
1NHTMCP Saigon Thuong TinSacombank840001
2NHTMCP Cong Thuong VietnamVietinbank840002
3NHTMCP Saigon Cong ThuongSaigonbank840003
4NHTMCP An BinhABBank840004
5NHTMCP Dai DuongOceanBank840005
6NHTMCP Dong Nam ASeABank840006
7NHTMCP Dai Chung VietnamPVcomBank840007
8NHTMCP Xang Dau PetrolimexPG Bank840008
9NHTMCP Dau Khi Toan CauGP Bank840009
10NHTMCP Dong A *Dong A Bank *840010
11NHTMCP Dau Tu va Phat Trien VietnamBIDV Bank840011
12NHTMCP Kien LongKienLongBank840012
13NH Nong Nghiep va Phat Trien Nong Thon Vietnam *Agribank *840013
14NHTMCP Ban VietVietcapital Bank840014
15NH Vietnam Thuong TinVietBank840015
16NH Lien Doanh Viet NgaVRBank840016
17NHTMCP Ngoai Thuong VietnamVCB840017
18NHTMCP A ChauACB840018
19NHTMCP Xuat Nhap Khau VietnamEximbank840019
20NHTMCP Tien PhongTPBank840020
21NHTMCP Sai Gon Ha NoiSHB840021
22NHTMCP Phat Trien Thanh Pho HCMHDBank840022
23NHTMCP Quan DoiMBBank840023
24NHTMCP Vietnam Thinh VuongVPBank840024
25NHTMCP Quoc Te VietnamVIB840025
26NHTMCP Ky Thuong VietnamTechcombank840026
27NHTMCP Phuong DongOCB840027
28NHTMCP Quoc DanNCB840028
29NHTNHH MTV Hongleong VietnamHLBVN840029
30NHTMCP Buu Dien Lien VietLienVietPostBank840030
31NHTMCP Bac ABacABank840031
32NHTMCP Bao VietBVB840032
33NHTNHH MTV Shinhan VietnamShinhanVN840033
34NHTNHH MTV Public VietnamPublic Bank VN840034
35NHTMCP SaigonSCB840035
36Australia and New Zealand Banking GroupANZ Vietnam840036
37HSBC Bank VietnamHSBC Bank840037
38Vietnam Maritime Commercial Stock BankMaritime Bank840038
39Nam A Commercial Join Stock BankNamABank840040
40NH MoneygramMoneygramBank840042
41NH Chinh Sach XHVNVBSP840043
42NH Phat Trien VNVDB840044
43Cooperative Bank of VietnamCoopBank840045
44Viet A BankVAB840046
45NH Xay Dung VNCBBank840047
46Ngân hàng TNHH IndovinaIVB840049
47Industrial Bank of Korea– Ha Noi branchIBK - HN840050
48Woori Bank VietnamWooriBank840051
49Citibank Bank Viet NamCitibank840063
50Standard Chartered Bank Viet Nam LimitedStandard Chartered Bank840064
51United Overseas Bank Viet NamUOB Bank840066
52Nonghyup Bank Hanoi BranchNonghyup Bank840115