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GloRemit is an international money transfer hub systems that allows MTO, RSP or E-RSP (Partners) to perform remittance operations or bill payments from one country to another country. Partners shall comply with GloRemit API technical specification and development parameters to use GloRemit. With GloRemit, Partners can easily send money or pay bills to relevant Beneficiary or billers in supported country in real-time manners.

VersionDate Description May 20201. Add bNationality and bBirthDate to Do_Transfer operation.
2. Changes are made to remarks section for date format that are supported
for the two parameters - sIdExpiry and sBirthDate June 20201. Add 5 additional options for “ListName” in Get_ListEwallet
- Bank_SKN
- Payment_Card
- Home_Delivery
- Real_Time_Transfer August 20201. Changes on Description for Transaction Code “904” to
“Invalid Sender First/Last Name or Exceed 100 characters” November 20201. Update Country Code to accept ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 or Alpha-3 ONLY
2. Update status code description of 917 to Invalid Beneficiary Country/Nationality November 20201. Remove historical document history
2. Add new parameter sOriginCountry in do_transfer.
3. Update Beneficiary accept ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 ONLY December 20201. Remove inactive Purpose Code
(11999, 16999, 21199, 21299, 31210, 31220, 32000, 39130, 16710)
2. Add new Purpose Code (16711, 16712)
3. Add new Source Of Fund (23)
4. Remove additional “/” on bBirthDate Format (YYYY/M/D/)
2.7.415 March 20211. Remove inactive Purpose Code. (99999)
2. Remove inactive Source of Fund. (22)
3. Remove inactive Relationship. (20)
4. Add bIssuerCode & bCountry to Get_TrxFee method. April 2021Update sAddress as Mandatory field. November 20211. Update sOriginCountry details remark.
2. Update Get_CancellationStatus as obsolete Api, Alternative solution.
3. Update New Server URL
4. Udate 4.3.2 Required Message Components.(Get_Cancellationstatus) as obsolete Function. February 20221. Add Purpose Code
132101001 Goods (Fashion)
132101002 Goods (Daily Supply and Cosmetics)
132101003 Goods (Electronics)
132101004 Goods (Toys)
132102001 Services (Interpretation)
132102002 Services (Translation)
132102003 Services (Human Resource)
132102004 Services (Estate Agency)
132102005 Services (Software Development)
132102006 Services (Web Design or Development)
132102007 Services (Tax)
132102008 Services (Exhibition)