Customer use this method to initiate and confirm the fund transfer operation via Tranglo Business. The method is non-reversible and committed in real-time. Whenever applicable, customer should use Get_Validation to check and confirm the validity of a Beneficiary account before using this method to ensure highest success rate. 

Do_Transfer would always return “968-Transaction Pending” if the transaction is accepted. customers are required to call Get_TrxStatus to retrieve the final status of the sent transaction. Normally it will take a few seconds to process and finalize a transaction’s status. 

Request Description

Parameter Name Required Min / Max Length Type Remark 
rspSign 32/50 Alphanumeric Digital signature of Customer 
UID 5/50 Alphanumeric Username for validation 
PWD 5/50 Alphanumeric  Password for validation, 3DES encrypted.
Customer branch identifier. If no branch ID, value as NULL
transIDM6/64Alphanumeric6 digits or more unique transaction ID from Customer on 7 day basis. Duplicated ID within the last 7 calendar days (GMT +8 timezone) will be declined.
If the same transID were used, the system will validate against the transaction details.
* The new request with DIFFERENT transaction details will be rejected with error duplicate transID, else system will respond the same as per first request.
sFundSourceM1/50AlphanumericSender’s source of fund.
bCountryM2/5Alphanumeric Beneficiary’s Country.
(Country value serves as identity purpose only. It has no impact on Sender or Beneficiary currency used.)
Accept ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 ONLY

(Please refer to ISO 3166 Country Code)
bCurrencyM3/6AlphanumericBeneficiary’s Currency Code.
(Please refer to ISO 4217 Currency Code)
trxValueM1/16NumericTotal Amount. Please specify the total amount to send denominated in bCurrency.
bFirstNameM1/50AlphanumericBeneficiary’s first name
bLastNameC1/50AlphanumericBeneficiary’s last name
bAccTypeM1/30NumericBeneficiary Account Type.
bIssuerCode 3/16 Alphanumeric Beneficiary Account Issuer Code, such as banks. 
BankProvince 1/100 Alphanumeric Bank located province 
BankCity 1/100 Alphanumeric Bank located city 
* Reserve for future purpose 
BankBranchName 1/100 Alphanumeric Reserve for future purpose 
BankBranchCode 1/100 Alphanumeric Bank Branch Code or IFSC code 
* If and only if Credit to Australia, Bangladesh, India and Japan Bank Account 
bAccNum 1/45 Alphanumeric Beneficiary Account Number or any other unique account identifier as determined by Beneficiary issuer 
bIdType 1/30 Alphanumeric Beneficiary Identification Type.
* Cannot leave it blank. If does not have this information, please put 0 in bIdType field, cannot leave it as blank.
bIdNum 1/30 Alphanumeric Beneficiary Identification Number 
* It's mandatory if bIdType is 1-7.
* If bIdType is 0, can leave it blank.
bContactNum 1/50 Numeric Beneficiary’s contact number. Please specify in Country code + MSISDN format. For e.g. Indonesia = 628123456789 
Tranglo for send message to beneficiary when transaction successfully payout. 
Relationship 1/30 Numeric Beneficiary and Sender Relationship
bAddress 1/50 Alphanumeric Beneficiary’s address 
bCity 1/50 Alphanumeric Beneficiary’s resident city 
bPostCode 1/50 Numeric Beneficiary address postcode 
bEmail 1/50 Alphanumeric Beneficiary’s email address 
bProvinceCode  C  1/50 Alphanumeric Beneficiary’s province code 
Required for PT POS Cash Pickup Transactions and Australia Account Channel Transaction.
bRegencyCode  C  1/50 Alphanumeric Beneficiary’s regency city code 
Required for PT POS Cash Pickup Transactions and Australia Account Channel Transaction.
bPurposeCode 1/5 Numeric Purpose of the Transaction 

Response Description 

Tranglo Business server will return a XML format with response code and GTN transaction number when Customer request is accepted. 

1  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
2   <string xmlns="">
3     <TrxStatus>Status</TrxStatuss>
4     <GTN>GTN</GTN>
5     <transID>Transaction ID</transID>
6     <Description>Description</Description>
7     <LastBal>Balance Value</LastBal>
8     <CurrRate>Currency Rate</CurrRate>
9  </string>
Parameter Name Required Type Remark 
TrxStatus Numeric Transaction status response code.
GTN Alphanumeric Transaction GTN number (14characters) 
transID Alphanumeric Unique Transaction ID from Customer 
PayoutPIN Alphanumeric Payout PIN from supplier 
Description Alphanumeric Transaction description or advice 
LastBal Numeric The latest balance of Customer e-wallet 
CurrRate Numeric The transaction currency rate 

M= Mandatory  C= Conditional  O= Optional