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Version Date of issue Comments
1.0 31 May 2019 Initial Version Release
1.1 27 November 2019 Update Singapore transaction limit
Update on the Philippines wallet limit
Update on Malaysia banks (Alliance Investment and Alliance Investment Islamic being removed)
Update on Australia Bank list
Update on Vietnam Account Channel Turnaround time
Update on India supported Banks
1.2 24 June 2022 Added New China Ewallet channel
Remove China Account channel


This document content provides business and / or pricing information to Tranglo’s business client (“Partner”) in regards to International Money Transfer service offered by Tranglo. To satisfy compliance requirement, Tranglo may ask partner to furnish supporting document for transaction payment purpose or the identity involved in the transaction. Tranglo reserve the rights to reject any transaction which Tranglo deemed to be high-risk or without supporting documents.

Document Note

This document intended for Tranglo’s Partner usage. This document can be construed as part of Schedule 3 Clause ii of Money Transfer Service Agreement signed between Tranglo and Partner and this document will be updated from time to time by Tranglo whenever the specification is updated. The content of this document is the sole property of Tranglo. Any reproduction of the content of this document without the written consent of the Tranglo is prohibited.


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Tranglo disclaims all liability, including liability for infringement of any proprietary rights, relating to the implementation of information presented in this document. Tranglo does not warrant or represent that such use will not infringe such rights.

Tranglo retains the right to make changes to this document.

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