Customer uses this method to do pre-check the validity of a Beneficiary account number. Tranglo Business will attempt to match the Beneficiary name with Account Issuer (such as Banks) and Account Number. This validation shall ensure the minimal transaction rejection and failure rate due to wrong information or barred accounts. Some country may not support for bank account validity. 

Validation available for Bangladesh (BKASH), China (ALIPAY and Union Pay Card), Indonesia (Bank), Pakistan (Bank), Vietnam (Bank), Cambodia (Bank), Malaysia (Real Time). Please refer to Validation Available Country for full list.

Request Description 

Request Description Parameter Name Required Min/Max Length Type Remark 
rspSign 32/50 Alphanumeric Digital signature of Customer.
UID 5/50 Alphanumeric Username for validation 
PWD 5/50 Alphanumeric Password for validation, 3DES encrypted 
transID 6/16 Alphanumeric 6 digits or more unique transaction ID from Customer 
bFirstName 1/50 Alphanumeric Beneficiary first name 
bLastName 1/50 Alphanumeric Beneficiary last name 
bCountry 2/5 Alphanumeric  Beneficiary’s country code.
Beneficiary’s country code will determine the default currency.
Accept ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 ONLY
(Please refer to ISO 3166 Country Code)
bAccType 1/30 Numeric Beneficiary Account Type.
bIssuerCode 3/16 Alphanumeric Beneficiary Account Issuer Code, such as bank
bAccNum 1/18 Alphanumeric Beneficiary Issuer Account Number or any other unique account identifier as determined by issuer 
trxValue 1/16 Numeric Total Amount is sent according to Beneficiary currency. It can be specified with any amount.

Response Description 

Tranglo Business server will return a XML format with response code when Customer request is accepted. 

1  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
2   <string xmlns="">
3     <ValidateStatus>Status</ValidateStatus>
4     <transID>Transaction ID</transID>
5     <BeneficiaryName>BeneficiaryName</BeneficiaryName>
6     <Description>Description</Description>
7  </string>
Parameter Name Required Type Remark 
ValidateStatusMNumericTransaction request status response code.
(Please refer to Transaction status)
transIDMAlphanumericUnique Transaction ID from Customer.
DescriptionMAlphanumericTransaction description or advice.
BeneficiaryNameMAlphanumericThe account holder name (Beneficiary) as returned by account issuer.

M= Mandatory  C= Conditional  O= Optional