Customer can use this method to get fee that will be deduct for each transaction base on various currency and transaction amount. 

Request Description 

Parameter Name Required Min.Max Type Remark 
UID 5/50 Alphanumeric Username for validation 
PWD 5/50 Alphanumeric Password for validation, 3DES encrypted.  
bAccType 1/30 Numeric Beneficiary Account Type. 
currFrom 3/6 Alphanumeric ISO 4217 Currency Code (Sell) 
currTo 3/6 Alphanumeric ISO 4217 Currency Code (Buy) 
trxValue 1/16 Numeric Total Amount is sent according to Beneficiary currency. It can be specified with any amount.
(Please refer to exception note)

Response Description 

1  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
2   <string xmlns="">
3     <CurrencyCode>CurrencyCode</CurrencyCode>
4     <TrxFee>TrxFee</TrxFee>
5     <Status>Status</Status>
6     <Description>Description</Description>
7  </string>
Parameter NameRequired TypeRemark
CurrencyCode Alphanumeric Wallet currency will be deduct 
TrxFee AlphaNumeric Fee amount will be deduct 
Status Numeric Transaction status response code.
Description Alphanumeric Transaction description or advice 

M= Mandatory C= Conditional  O= Optional