Tranglo Recharge

Document history

Version Author Date Changes 
2.0.0 Nelss Liow 2016-02-19 Draft version for API version 2.0 
2.1.0 Nelss Liow 2016-09-08 Added method Product_Enquiry 
Added new response code “998”
2.2.0 Nelss Liow 2016-10-12 Added Digital Signature Hashing formula for
Product_Enquiry method 
2.3.0 Nelss 2016-11-01 Added missing parameter 
“DealerTransactionID” on method Ewallet_Enquiry
2.4.0 Cheryl 2017-01-18 Added new method “Transaction_Enquiry_Detail”
Added “OperatorTransactionID” in Request_Reload
and Request_ReloadSync Response Parameters
2.4.1 Nelss 2018-02-09 Updated the sequence of input parameters of method
2.4.2 Jim 2019-11-27 Added URL info for Staging & Production 
2.4.3 Jim 2020-12-01 Update Live URL