Customer can use this method to retrieve the Tranglo Business quoted forex rate. 

Request Description 

Parameter Name Required Min.Max Type Remark 
rspSign 32/50 Alphanumeric Digital signature of Customer 
UID 5/50 Alphanumeric Username for validation 
PWD 5/50 Alphanumeric Password for validation 
CurrFrom 3/6 Alphanumeric ISO 4217 Currency Code (Sell) 
CurrTo 3/6 Alphanumeric ISO 4217 Currency Code (Buy) 

Response Description 

1  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
2   <string xmlns="">
3     <CurrencyCodeFrom>ISO4217 Codes</CurrencyCodeFrom>
4     <CurrencyCodeTo>ISO4217 Code</CurrencyCodeTo>
5     <CurrencyToken>0x230E6A0303AB5A233619C2C45</CurrencyToken>
6     <CurrencyRate>Value</CurrencyRate>
7  </string>
Parameter Name Required Type Remark 
CurrFrom Alphanumeric Currency code according to ISO 4217 
CurrTo Alphanumeric Currency code according to ISO 4217 
FR_Key Alphanumeric For Future Purpose 
CurrRate Numeric The exchange rate according to currency pair, up to 4 decimal points 

M= Mandatory C= Conditional  O= Optional