Technical overview

Partners will check the validity of a beneficiary account via REST API, such as get validation as in Get Validation (REST) (if applicable) or current forex rate via REST API to get forex rate, as explained in Get Forex Rate (REST).

GloRemit reply Partners with the beneficiary account details (including account holder name) and its validity or the current applicable forex rates.

Partners confirm money transfer or bill payment transaction request via REST API that performs transfer, explained in Perform Transfer (REST) or REST API that performs bill payment, explained at Bill Payment (REST) to Tranglo with the relevant parameters

Tranglo acknowledge Partners request and notify the confirmed transaction status within 180 seconds.

Partners can use REST API that gets transaction status, explained in Get Transaction Status (REST) to check transaction status if network timeout or other error occurs.

* Please note all the data sent to server MUST be properly URL Encoded.

* Partners must supply Tranglo Technical team with a FIXED IP address to allow access into the web service applications

Server IP52.220.96.111 (Staging IP)
- Production IP To be advised upon agreement
IP can only be accessed from approved IP list controlled by Firewall.
Please contact Tranglo Technical for configuration.
Server URL

- Production IP To be advised upon agreement
Please note the URL listening on port 2044.

*Only accept TLS 1.2 Protocol.
Server PortHTTP: Port 2044 (staging only, optional)
- Production port to be advised upon agreement
Web AdminTo be advised
ProtocolHTTP REST Web Services (APIs)