This is the method where Partner required to host a status receiver URL on their server to receive the status callback from Tranglo GloRemit once the transaction is processed. Tranglo will post the final status of the transaction to Partner, the status according to the response code. (Please refer to Transaction status)

Tranglo GloRemit will send the transaction status from “Pending” to “In Process” or “Success” or “Failed” for all transaction that is processed by Tranglo GloRemit.

Tranglo will use HTTP POST to send the status callback to Partner. Please make sure the status receiver page is able to ready the posted parameters using HTTP POST method.

Upon successfully received the status callback from Tranglo, partner is required to acknowledge back by return HTTP 200. Tranglo will resend again the status callback after sometime when we not received the acknowledge HTTP 200 with maximum retry of 3 times.

GloRemit Status Callback: Post Parameter

Parameter NameRequiredTypeMin/Max
checksumMString200/300For checksum security, please follow this format to generate checksum
string: SHA-256 (secretKey + transId + GTN + from_balance + To_balance + date+ appKey)
* follow the ordering (P.S. security key will provide
to TRANGLO by another way, not document)
MString60(P.S. app key will provide to TRANGLO by another way, not document)
dd-mm-yyyy HH:mm:ss
It is the API calling datetime from Tranglo side.
from_balanceMString1/100Pool Balance before transaction.
to_balanceMString1/100Pool Balance after transaction.
trxStatusMString3 / 4Transaction status.
(Please refer to Transaction status)
transIDMStringRSP Transaction ID.
GTNMStringTranglo GloRemit Transaction ID.
GTNMAOStringTranglo GloRemit Manual Adjustment Transaction ID.
Will return value when there is an adjustment being posted.
dd-mm-yyyy HH:mm:ss
It is the remittance record create date time from Tranglo side
dd-mm-yyyy HH:mm:ss
It is the remittance record update date time from Tranglo side.
DescriptionMString1/100Transaction description or advice from Tranglo side.
PayoutIDCString1/100Payout ID from cash out supplier.
PayoutPinCString1/100Payout PIN from cash out supplier.
PayoutStatusCString1/100 - Claimed
- Inprocess
- Outstanding
- Cancelled
dd-mm-yyyy HH:mm:ss

M= Mandatory, C= Conditional, O= Optional