Forex: Get Forex Rate

RSP can use this method to retrieve the GloRemit quoted forex rate.


GET /v1/payments/forex/rates?CurrFrom={CurrFrom}&CurrTo={CurrTo}

Sample request:

curl -v "" \
-H "AuthorizationGLOREMIT <UID>:<PWD>:<rspSign>"

Request description

Parameter NameRequiredMin/Max LengthTypeRemark
UIDM5/50AlphanumericUsername for validation.
PWDM5/50AlphanumericPassword for validation, 3DES encrypted.
rspSignM32/50AlphanumericDigital signature of RSP.
(Please refer to Digital signature)
CurrFromM3/6AlphanumericISO 4217 Currency Code. (Sell)
CurrToM3/6AlphanumericISO 4217 Currency Code. (Buy)

Response description

Sample response:

Parameter NameRequiredTypeRemark
CurrFromMAlphanumericCurrency code according to ISO 4217.
CurrToMAlphanumericCurrency code according to ISO 4217.
CurrRateMNumericThe exchange rate according to currency pair, up to 4 decimal points.
FR_KeyOAlphanumericKey/Token for Reserved Forex.
Expiry_DatetimeODateTimeExpiry date for the FR_Key.

M= Mandatory, C= Conditional, O= Optional