RSP can use this method to get fee that will be deduct for each transaction base on various currency and transaction amount. 

Request Description

Parameter NameRequiredMin/Max LengthTypeRemark
UIDM5/50AlphanumericUsername for validation.
PWDM5/50AlphanumericPassword for validation, 3DES encrypted.
bAccTypeM1/30NumericBeneficiary Account Type.
(Please refer to Beneficiary)
currFromM3/6AlphanumericISO 4217 Currency Code. (Sell)
currToM3/6AlphanumericISO 4217 Currency Code. (Buy)
trxValueM1/16NumericTotal Amount is sent according to Beneficiary currency.
It can be specified with any amount.
bIssuerCodeO3/16AlphanumericBeneficiary Account Issuer Code, such as banks, e-wallet operator or mobile operators.
(Please refer to Service Spec)
bCountryO2/5AlphanumericBeneficiary’s Country.
(Country value serves as identity purpose only. It has no impact on Sender or Beneficiary currency used.)
Accept ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 ONLY

(Please refer to ISO 3116 Country Code)

Response Description

 1   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 2     <string xmlns=>
 3     <CurrencyCode>CurrencyCode</CurrencyCode>
 4     <TrxFee>TrxFee</TrxFee>
 5     <Status>Status</Status>
 6     <Description>Description</Description>
 7   </string> 
Paramenter NameRequiredTypeRemark
CurrencyCodeMAlphaNumericWallet currency will be deduct.
TrxFeeMAlphaNumericFee amount will be deduct.
StatusMNumericTransaction status response code.
(Please refer to Transaction status)
DescriptionMAlphaNumericTransaction description or advice.

M= Mandatory, C= Conditional, O= Optional