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I am interested! What is the onboarding process for Tranglo Connect?

You have come to the right place. Below are steps that detail the typical onboarding process at Tranglo. The exact process and duration may vary.

  1. Fill in the form here and wait to hear from us.
  2. Our Business Development team will contact you and guide you on how to create an account on Tranglo Partner Network(TPN). It is a self-service onboarding portal for partners.
  3. Upload documents for KYC / regulation / audit purposes.
  4. Checkout the API document and proceed to system integration. To know more about Tranglo's integration process, go here or contact our respective team.
  5. You may download the price list from TPN for product and pricing reference.
  6. Once your (i) company documents have been reviewed and approved, (ii) you are satisfied with what Tranglo has to offer, and (iii) Tranglo has an understanding of your business needs (target market, estimated transaction volume, etc.), we will produce an Agreement for you to sign. You can then use your account to test the functions and connection before going to the live platform.

That should be it! You can now start funding your Tranglo wallet to make easy cross-border payments!