Tranglo’s International Top-up service enables TELUS subscribers to send top-up credit to family & friends abroad

  • March 31, 2014

International mobile transaction hub, Tranglo today announces the partnership with Canadian telecommunications carrier TELUS for International Top-up services, enabling TELUS’ prepaid and postpaid subscribers to send talk-time minutes or top-up credit to friends, family and loved ones abroad.

TELUS subscribers can stay connected with friends and family, by sending top-up credits up to $50.00 CAD to overseas prepaid mobile accounts in China, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Brazil and more than 80 countries offered under the service. TELUS is one of the largest mobile network operators in Canada and offers comprehensive services in mobile, fixed telephony and Internet connectivity.

The Tranglo International Top-up service is immediate, fast, secure and easy to use. Customers can activate this service and send credit via SMS Text message, immediately debiting their own prepaid or charging their postpaid account and crediting their friends and family abroad.

“I am very pleased that TELUS has partnered with Tranglo, taking the lead as a servicer innovator in Canada to offer this unique, value added service. Indeed Canadians will enjoy the benefit of this service.” Says Mohammad Gharaybeh, Executive Director of Tranglo.

“As a TELUS subscriber myself, I am ecstatic to be able to transfer credit internationally and bill my account. TELUS is helping its subscribers stay more connected and to share a real-time gift.” – Ramona Benson, Vice President Sales, Tranglo.

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