A simple guide to easy cross-border payments

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A simple guide to easy cross-border payments

In today's hyperconnected global economy, there is a need to send and receive payments internationally in a quick and reliable way. With Tranglo's cross-border payment solutions, multinational retailers can streamline their operations and grow their businesses.

What is it?

Cross-border or global payments refer to transactions that involve companies, banks, individuals or settlement institutions operating in at least two different countries.

FIVE solutions

Tranglo provides the following cross-border solutions to its clients:

Mass Payout

This involves paying out to numerous payees such as suppliers or sub-merchants located in multiple countries on a regular basis. With Tranglo, one can automate highly scalable payments in multiple currencies, payment methods and to multiple countries using a single interface. 

Home Remittance

Tranglo's vast network of payout partners enables home remittance to banks, wallets or by cash pick-up/delivery.  In many countries, Tranglo can perform such remittances 24×7, within minutes of a transaction.

Business Payment

Corporates can send and receive payments easily and quickly. There are two steps to this. First, Tranglo works in the background to help clients collect payments in payers' currencies and, second, help channel them to payout partners or directly to payees. It also provides shared or dedicated bank account(s) for payment collection. Tranglo's one-stop platform makes financial management a breeze for your business.

Bill Payment

A streamlined bill payment gateway allows for wide range of bill payments to other/home countries. Online billing means there's no wondering and worrying about payment status.

International Mobile Credit Transfer

A person in one country can securely and electronically transfer to, or top up mobile credit or mobile airtime for another person in another country.

How Tranglo Solutions Can Help

The payment gateway you choose should make cross-border transactions easy for you and your customers. Even if you aren't operating globally now, as your business grows, you may need support to provide better services.

Tranglo has mastered intelligent routing and handles international transfers in more than 80 currencies in over 100 countries. With a global network of over 600 banks in strategic geographical locations and trusted by leading businesses in your country, we can help your business get the most out of every international transaction by speeding up and simplifying the process.

Sign up to the Tranglo platform today and let our experts transform your cross-border business payments.

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