Tranglo partners GME to offer services to transfer money from South Korea

  • September 3, 2018

GME (Global Money Express Co., Ltd) Remittance, the first non-bank remittance service providers in South-Korea, joins Tranglo in pushing their limits to achieve new heights in the money transfer market. This allows the people in South Korea an easier access to send money across the globe for business or to their loved ones.

Both Tranglo and GME share the same values of putting their customers ahead and connecting people around the world to make life easier. With this partnership, they hope to provide more choices for transferring money globally and making remittance more accessible for foreign workers living in South Korea and for locals living internationally. Unlike conventional transfers through banks, remittance through GME application or excellent branch counter service is simpler and hassle-free and is seamlessly transferred in and out of the country.

“With the rising demands of money transfer in a Korea market, we are proud to provide GME, the pioneer of Korean remittance industry, the platform for GME to offer their customer with better coverage and channel to send money to their loved ones,” said Hui Yong Sia, director of Tranglo.

“Since launching the service from 10th October 2017, we have received an overwhelming response from our customers, although we launched our service only starting from Nepal. Tranglo provided us an immediate boost by offering a wide coverage within Asia. GME feels proud to have paved the way for Money Transfer business in South Korea and we thank Tranglo for expediting the journey,” said Subash Poudel, director of GME.

About Tranglo

Tranglo is a global cross-border payment processing hub that supports business payments, mass payout, payment collection, money transfer and mobile top up with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Dubai and London. Our service spans across more than 100 countries, serving over 250 mobile operators, 100 billers, 600 banks/wallets and 90,000 cash pickup outlets. Founded in 2008, Tranglo is a proven partner with a 10-year track record of success. For more info on Tranglo, please visit or

About GME

GME provides the facilities to connect you with your loved ones directly sending them money within seconds. An initiative licensed by the Ministry of Strategy and Financial, Korea, for the efficient and effective cross-border payouts. GME Remittance promises the transparency in the rates and fees. Technology has helped to bring down the cost and speed up the system of sending money, which has benefited hundreds of people around the world. You can learn more at