Merchantrade offers international airtime transfer

  • January 6, 2011

Kuala Lumpuer, 1 December 2010 – Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd (‘Merchantrade’) , is one of the  country’s largest Remittance Service Provider and first Mobile Virtual Network Operator to specialize in the foreign worker segment, has forged a strategic collaboration with Tranglo to provide an international airtime transfer service to its pre-paid subscribers using Tranglo gloTransfer platform.

With this collaboration in place, Merchantrade’s customers are able to transfer prepaid airtime credit with a transfer value as low as US$1 safely and in real time to the prepaid mobile phone accounts of their loved ones back in their respective home countries.

To perform such transfers, Merchantrade’s prepaid mobile subscribers simply need to type TR [space][Recipient Mobile Number][space][Amount] and send to 22422.The sender then selects the predetermined airtime amount to be transferred. The transfer will be done through gloTransfer’s secure platform. Both sender and recipient will get a confirmation of successful transaction via SMS.

“Communication is vital for all families, especially those who are separated from their loved ones due to work abroad,” says Mr Ramasamy Veeran, the Managing Director  of Merchantrade. “Merchantrade has worked hard to give value added services to the migrant workers community in Malaysia, now numbering some 2.3 million. With this new offering of international airtime transfer, we are now able to further help migrants stay in touch with their families overseas.”

“We are delighted of our collaboration with Merchantrade to offer this service to all their prepaid subscribers especially the migrant workers, an important segment that has a pressing need for a service like this,” says HY Sia, CEO of Tranglo.”In addition to facilitating more calls, such transfers are also a form of micro financial assistance to help free up recipient cash-flow for other purpose.”

About Tranglo™

Tranglo™ is a leading international mobile financial transactions hub operator that enables cross-border airtime exchange, money transfer and bill payment via its award-winning innovative solutions gloTransfer™ and gloRemit™. For more info on Tranglo, please visit

About Merchantrade

Merchantrade is Malaysia’s first Mobile Virtual Network Operator and one of the largest non-bank remittance service provider with 58 branches nationwide , meeting  and remittance needs of migrant workers from all sectors.