Tranglo is one of top 10 fintech (start-ups) in Malaysia

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Tranglo is one of top 10 fintech (start-ups) in Malaysia

In 2019, Tranglo has been in business for slightly over a decade. We have revolutionised the way businesses and consumers make payments and remit money and airtime through the smart use of technology.

Tranglo is Malaysia's first IMTO, the only company granted such an approval by BNM in 2009 under Section 40 of the then Payment Systems Act 2003,  when fintech wasn't even the buzzword that it is now. In just 10 years, our growth numbers have been impressive, mirroring the way Fintech Malaysia has been growing: From processing US$70 million in transactions in 2013 to more than US$2 billion in 2019, we are now operating out of offices in 5 countries and supporting businesses in more than 100 countries worldwide.  

We thought this Fintech Singapore article from 2017 is worth another read. Below are excerpts that introduce Tranglo as one of the top 10 fintech companies in Malaysia.

"Founded in 2008, Tranglo serves over 250 mobile network operators and more than 400 banks, offering three main products: Prepaid Reload, Money Transfer and Digital Gifts.

Prepaid Reload is a single reload card, which enables the sale of airtime credit from and to multiple mobile network operators.

Money Transfer is an international money transfer transaction hub. The solution enables licensed remittance companies to transfer money from one country to another to various bank accounts or mobile wallets instantly.

In 2013, the company processed over 10 million transactions worth over US$70 million.

Without going into too much detail, Tranglo is looking to transform the payment landscape once again. We have been using big data analysis to improve the compliance process to great effect. Risk management is being introduced. Processes are being tightened. Moving forward, we intend to scale to heights never before seen in the history of cybersecurity, prioritising security in an era full of challenges.

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