How remittance recipients in the Philippines can win PHP1 million with Cebuana

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How remittance recipients in the Philippines can win PHP1 million with Cebuana

Ask any Filipino who Cebuana Lhuillier is and he or she would definitely be able to tell you. A household name in the Philippines, the country’s premier microfinance institution offers a wide range of financial services from remittance, microinsurance, microsavings to microloans for businesses and pawning. 

If you are reading this, you are likely a Tranglo remittance partner. Read on to know how your customers’ beneficiaries can stand a greater chance at winning PHP1 million (USD20,000) through Cebuana’s cash promo this month. If you have yet to sign on to the Tranglo network, why not do so now?

How big is Cebuana?

Its remittance network alone spans over 2,500 physical branches and 25,000 domestic partners in the Philippines, serving more than 30 million customers through a network of 2.2 million touchpoints worldwide.

And each of these 30 million clients, so long as they receive international remittance at any of Cebuana’s branches, can stand a chance at winning PHP1 million!  

PHP1 million?!

Yes! Until 31 December 2020, any customer who claims remittance from abroad at any of Cebuana’s 2,500 branches will automatically earn 1 e-raffle entry to stand a chance at winning PHP1 million. The winner will be drawn from the pool of qualified e-raffle tickets on 6 January 2021. 

But here’s a little extra for Tranglo partners - our collaboration with Cebuana means your customers’ beneficiaries will earn 3 e-raffle entries instead of just 1!    

And that’s not all. To have an even greater chance of winning, beneficiaries can earn 1 additional e-raffle entry when they deposit a portion of their international remittance to the Cebuana Lhuillier Micro Savings account, the champion savings product of Cebuana Lhuillier Rural Bank Inc.

Cebuana serves as its cash agent, empowering those who do not have immediate access to direct banking services. This service is available at any of the 2,500 Cebuana Lhuillier branches in the Philippines or can be opened through their digital banking application eCebuana, available in both Google Play and Apple App Store.

How your senders can earn e-raffle tickets for their beneficiaries 

A list of Cebuana’s global partners is found here

This campaign runs only until the end of December, so we implore you to share this with your customers so that their beneficiaries can stand a chance to win PHP1 million. There are no extra steps or charges other than for your customers to just send money back as usual.

Speaking of extra steps, Cebuana, on its website, touts a safety first culture by implementing strict safeguards such as frequent sanitisation and social distancing rules at its branches, important measures during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Corporate social responsibility is not just about giving back to the community in mere tangible terms. A little hope, that of winning something extraordinary, goes a long way too.

*We enjoy supporting our partners’ campaigns and sharing them with our network so that everyone benefits. If you are a business and want to tap into our wide remittance network, contact us today.

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