Cash pick-up channel

Service specification

Cash-out MethodCash pickup at any supported outlets on Russia operation hours.
Supported sender type - individual and company.
Supported beneficiary account type – individual only.
Transaction Turnaround TimeCash Pickup: Within 20 minutes
Transaction Working HoursAll Qiwi Bank and Contact sys authorized agents.
Area availabilityRussia nationwide
Account VerificationBeneficiary to provide valid photo-bearing ID (Government ID, Driving License, Passport) for name validation and Payout Code from Tranglo.
** International ID with Photo are accepted
Amount receivedBeneficiary to be received the payout in the nearest USD 1.00
Transaction LimitMaximum per transaction USD 20,000.00
Minimum per transaction USD 1.00
Maximum BeneficiaryNo restriction
Service ChargeTransaction Fee will not be refunded once the Transaction is accepted by the gloRemit® Service System and submitted by the gloRemit® Service System to the Payout Channel.
Cancellation ProcessCancellation is allowed if the payout in not claim.
Do_Transfer bAccType Value5

List of cash pickup outlet

NoNameWebsiteIssuer Code
1Qiwi Bank / CONTACT