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Cash pick-up channel

Service specification

Type Description
Cash-out MethodCash Pickup in United State Dollar (USD).
Supported beneficiary type – individual.
Supported sender type - individual and company.
Transaction Turnaround TimeCash Pickup: Within 15 minutes.
Transaction Working HoursBusiness hours: Operating hours for all available cash-pickup locations operate in normal business hours 9am – 4.30pm.
Everyday including weekend and public holiday (Local timezone, GMT+3).
Area availabilityDjibouti nationwide

Pickup Point :
Account Verification· No system validation on account available.
· Beneficiary name must be in Roman character for all transfer.
· A valid beneficiary mobile number (international dialling standard) is required.
Amount receivedAs specified by Sender.
Transaction LimitFor CPDJUSD:
Maximum per transaction USD 10,000.00
Minimum per transaction USD 1.00
Compliance accumulated limit USD 25,000.00 per day per Beneficiary

Transaction will be on hold for compliance review based on the supporting document should the sender or receiver has exceeded the compliance limit.
Maximum BeneficiaryNo restriction
Service ChargeTransaction Fee will be refunded on best effort basis once the Transaction is accepted by the gloRemit® Service System and submitted by the gloRemit® Service System to the Payout Channel.
Cancellation ProcessCancellation is allowed if the payout in not claim and requested after the send date.
Do_Transfer bAccType Value5

List of cash pickup outlet

NoNamePick-up PointsIssuer Code
1Cash Pickup Djibouti (USD)La Poste de DjiboutiCPDJUSD