Bank account

Service specification

Direct to Bank methodDirect credit to bank account in Australia Dollar (AUD).
Supported beneficiary account type – Individual & company.
Supported sender type - Individual & company.
Transaction Turnaround Time· T+1 Australia Banking day for transaction processed and credited before 2.00pm (Mon-Fri) GMT +10.
· Up to T+2 Australia Banking days for transaction processed and credited after 2.00pm (Mon- Fri) GMT +10.
· Transaction final status received T+1 or T+2 business day (subject to bank systems). 
For e.g. a transaction is processed at 11am GMT +10 on Day 1, and transactions is credited on next day (Day 2). However, Tranglo system will only transmit the final status on the following business day(s) (Day 2 or 3) where applicable
· Transaction sent on Saturday or Sunday and Australia’s public holiday will be processed on next Australia Banking day.
Area availabilityAustralia nationwide
Validation / Verification· No system validation on account available
· Beneficiary name must match account number as stored by issuer bank
· BSB Number is required
Amount receivedBeneficiary received net amount as specified by Sender.
Transaction Limit Maximum per Transaction AUD 100,000.00
Minimum per Transaction AUD 1.00
Compliance accumulated limit AUD 30,000.00 per day per Beneficiary

Transaction will be on hold for compliance review based on the supporting document should the sender or receiver has exceeded the compliance limit.

For Individual transactions, the following information / document of beneficiary is required:
i) Sender ID copy and Sender pay slip or
ii) Sender ID copy and Sender bank statement.

For Business transactions, the following information / document of beneficiary is required:
i) Company incorporation document and the invoice.
Company incorporation document as in registration document showing its registration details such as country
Maximum BeneficiaryNo restriction
Service ChargeTransaction Fee will not be refunded once the Transaction is accepted by the gloRemit® Service System and submitted by the gloRemit® Service System to the Payout Channel.
Cancellation ProcessCancellation is on best effort basis.
Remarks 1. BSB Code information :

2. Mandatory field(s) for Australia Bank Transfer:
a) Sender Address
b) Sender City
c) Sender Postcode
d) Beneficiary Address
e) Beneficiary City
f) Beneficiary Province Code
g) Beneficiary Regency Code
h) Beneficiary Postcode

3. Sender and Beneficiary addresses are mandatory for Australia Bank Transfer.
A) Guidelines for a full Sender Address to Australia.
i) Street No.
ii) Unit No.
iii) City
iv) State
v) Postal Code
vi) Country
B) Guidelines for a full Bene Address of Australia.
i) Street No.
ii) Unit No.
iii) City
iv) State
v) Postal Code
vi) Country

C) List of Australia State (bProvinceCode) for your reference.
Australia State Code (bProvinceCode)Australia State Name (Description)
NSWNew South Wales
SASouth Australia
WAWestern Australia
ACTAustralia Capital
NTNorthern Territory
D) Australia Suburb (bRegencyCode) for reference:
E) Australia Post code (bPostcode) = 4 digits.

4.For Australia transaction, there are few purpose code that only for Business Sender and Beneficiary type.

The list of purpose code for Business Type is as below:
No Purpose Code Purpose Code Description Sender Type Beneficiary Type
1 01000 Beverages and Tobacco Business Business
2 02000 Crude Materials, Inedible except Fuels Business Business
3 03000 Mineral Fuels, Lubricants and Related Materials Business Business
4 04000 Animals and Vegetable Oils, Fats and Waxes Business Business
5 05000 Chemicals and Related Products, n.c.e. Business Business
6 06000 Manufactured Goods Business Business
7 07000 Machinery, Non-Customised Packaged Software and Transport Equipment Business Business
8 07100 Power Lines, Pipelines and Undersea Communication Cables Business Business
9 09000 Miscellaneous Transactions and Commodities n.c.e. Business Business
10 09700 Mineral Fuels, Lubricants and Related Materials Business Business
11 10010 Goods for Processing/Manufacturing Services Business Business
12 13110 Goods and Services by Travellers Business Business
13 13210 Goods and Services Business Business
14 13220 Goods and Services by Short Term Workers Business Business
15 14420 Subsidiaries on Products and Productions Business Business
16 15000 Government Goods and Services Transactions N.I.E Business Business
17 16321 Claim Settlements on High Risk Insurance Relating to Fire, Marine, Aviation etc. Business Business
18 16322 Claim Settlements on Other General Insurance Business Business
19 16323 Claim Paid/Received on Life Insurance Business Business
20 16324 Claim Paid/Received on Reinsurance Business Business
21 16325 Claim Paid/Received on Insurance on Goods Business Business
22 16711 Merchanting trade in Malaysia Business Business
23 16712 Merchanting trade in Abroad Business Business
Do_Transfer bAccType Value1

Supported bank

NoNameIssuer code
1 AMP Bank Limited 610002
2 Arab Bank Australia Limited 610003
3 Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited 610004
4 Australian Military Bank 610005
5 Australian Settlements Limited 610006
6 Bank Australia 610007
7 Bank of China Australia Limited 610008
8 Bank of Melbourne 610010
9 Bank of Queensland Limited 610011
10 Bank SA 610013
11 Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited 610015
12 Beyond Bank Australia 610016
13 Commonwealth Bank 610017
14 Defence Bank 610018
15 Delphi Bank 610019
16 Heritage Bank 610021
17 HSBC Bank Australia Limited 610023
18 Hume Bank 610024
19 IMB Bank 610025
20 ING Direct Australia Bank 610026
21 Macquarie Bank Limited 610027
22 Members Equity Bank Pvt Limited 610028
23 National Australia Bank Limited 610030
24 St. George Bank Limited 610036
25 Suncorp-Metway Limited 610037
26 Teachers Mutual Bank Limited 610038
27 Westpac Banking Corporation 610041
28 Auswide Bank 610043
29 Citibank Australia 610044
30 Australia Post Money Orders 610045
31 Rabobank 610046
32 B And E Limited 610047
33 Bank of America National Association 610048
34 Bank of Communications Co., Ltd Sydney Branch 610050
35 Bank of Sydney Ltd 610051
36 Bankwest 610053
37 BNP Paribas 610055
38 BNP Paribas Securities Services 610056
39 Capricornian Limited 610057
40 Community First Credit Union Limited 610058
41 Credit Union Australia Limited 610060
42 Cuscal Limited 610061
43 Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft 610062
44 G And C Mutual Bank 610065
45 Gateway Credit Union Limited 610066
46 Holiday Coast Credit Union Ltd 610069
47 Indue Ltd 610071
48 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited 610072
49 JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association 610074
50 Maitland Mutual Building Society Limited 610075
51 Mega International Commercial Bank Co Limited 610078
52 Mizuho Bank Limited 610079
53 Newcastle Permanent Building Society Ltd 610080
54 Reserve Bank of Australia 610083
55 Southern Cross Credit Union Ltd 610087
56 State Street Bank and Trust Company 610088
57 Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 610089
58 Summerland Credit Union Ltd 610090
59 Taiwan Business Bank Sydney Branch 610092
60 Tyro Payments Limited 610093
61 UBS AG Australia Branch 610094
62 United Overseas Bank Limited 610095
63 Uniting Financial Services 610096
64 Warwick Credit Union Ltd 610097
65 BOQ Specialist 610099
66 Challenge Bank 610100
67 China Construction Bank 610101
68 Regional Australia Bank 610104
69 Unity Bank 610105
70 Town And Country Bank 610106
71 Bankers Trust Australia 610107
72 MUFG Bank 610108
73 Volt Bank 610109
74 Home Building Society 610112
75 Pioneer Permanent Building Society 610113
76 Queensland Country Credit Union 610114