Transfer: Perform Transfer

Partners use this method to initiate and confirm the fund transfer operation via GloRemit. The method is non-reversible and committed in real-time. Whenever applicable, Partners should use Get_Validation to check and confirm the validity of a Beneficiary account before using this method to ensure highest success rate.

Do_Transfer would always return “968-Transaction Pending” if the transaction is accepted. Partners are required to call Get_TrxStatus (please refer to section 2.4) to retrieve the final status of the sent transaction. Normally it will take a few seconds to process and finalize a transaction’s status.


POST v1/payments/transfers

Sample Request:

curl -v -X POST \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: GLOREMIT <UID>:<PWD> :<rspSign>" \
-d '{
"UIDBranch": "",
"transID": "1206",
"sFirstName": "Kai",
"sLastName": "Yen",
"sIdType": 1,
"sIdNum": "710320-71-5379",
"sIdExpiry": "2017-09-06",
"sContactNum": "1",
"sOccupation": "1",
"sFundSource": "1",
"sBirthDate": "1971-03-20 00:00:00.000",
"sEmail": "",
"sAddress": "1",
"sCity": "1",
"sPostCode": "1",
"sCountry": "MY",
"sCurrency": "MYR",
"bCountry": "",
"bCurrency": "PHP",
"trxValue": 200,
"bFirstName": "Oppo",
"bLastName": "Frank",
"bAccType": 5,
"bIssuerCode": "CPCL",
"BankProvince": "1",
"BankCity": "1",
"BankBranchName": "1",
"BankBranchCode": "1",
"bAccNum": "123",
"bIdType": 1,
"bIdNum": "1231111111111",
"bContactNum": "0146854044",
"Relationship": "MUM",
"bAddress": "1",
"bCity": "1",
"bPostCode": "1",
"bEmail": "",
"bProvinceCode": "1",
"bRegencyCode": "1",
"bPayoutID": "",
"bPayoutPIN": "",
"bPurposeCode": "1000"

Request Description

Parameter NameRequiredMin/Max LengthTypeRemark
rspSignM32/50AlphanumericDigital signature of RSP
UIDM5/50AlphanumericUsername for validation.
PWDM5/50AlphanumericPassword for validation
UIDBranchO1/16NumericRSP branch identifier. If no branch ID, value as NULL
transIDM6/64Alphanumeric6 digits or more unique transaction ID from RSP on 7 day basis. Duplicated ID within the last 7 calendar days (GMT +8 timezone) will be declined.
sFirstNameM1/50AlphanumericSender's First Name
sLastNameM1/50AlphanumericSender's Last Name
sIdTypeM1/30NumericSender Identification Type. Please refer to Section 3.3
sIdNumM8/50AlphanumericSender Identification Number
sIdExpiryC10/10StringSender ID Expiry DateDate Format:MM/dd/YYYY
sContactNumO8/30NumericSender Contact Number. Please specify in Country code + MSISDN format. For e.g. Indonesia = 628123456789. (Please refer to Section 2.7 for exception note)
sOccupationO1/50AlphanumericSender Occupation
sFundSourceM1/50AlphanumericSender’s source of fund. Refer to the list at 3.10
sBirthDateM10/10AlphanumericSender’s Birth dateDate Format:MM/dd/YYYY
sEmailO1/50AlphanumericSender email address.
sAddressO2/50AlphanumericSender’s Address. (Simplify Address is acceptable Eg. Hotel Name, City,Country)
sCityO2/30AlphanumericSender’s resident city
sPostCodeO1/50NumericSender’s address postcode
sCountryM2/5AlphanumericSender’s Nationality.
sCurrencyM3/6AlphanumericRSP Currency Code as per RSP GSVA Wallet. Do not send as Sender currencyPlease refer to ISO 4217 Currency Code.
bCountryM2/5AlphanumericBeneficiary’s Country. (Country value serves as identity purpose only. It has no impact on Sender or Beneficiary currency used.)
bCurrencyM3/6AlphanumericBeneficiary’s Currency Code. Please refer to ISO 4217 Currency Code
CurrTokenO16/25AlphanumericFor Future Use
sAmountO1/16NumericSender Amount from RSP based on sCurrency.
trxValueM1/16NumericTotal Amount. Please specify the total amount to send denominated in bCurrency. Please refer to Section 2.7 for exception note
bFirstNameM1/50AlphanumericBeneficiary's first name* If Credit to China Bank Account, FirstName is Given name. Best practice, if name is in Chinese, put all characters in bFirstName field and leave bLastName empty. If the name submitted in Roman Character (E.G. English), system will send a SMS to the beneficiary to enter the name according to the bank system
bLastNameM1/50AlphanumericBeneficiary's last name* If Credit to China Bank Account, LastName is the Sur name Best practice, if name is in Chinese, put all characters in bFirstName field and leave bLastName empty. If the name submitted in Roman Character (E.G. English), system will send a SMS to the beneficiary to enter the name according to the bank system.
bAccTypeM1/30NumericBeneficiary Account Type. (Please refer to Section 3.1)
bIssuerCodeM3/16AlphanumericBeneficiary Account Issuer Code, such as banks, e-wallet operator or mobile operators. (Please refer to Section 3.2)
BankProvinceO1/100AlphanumericBank located province
BankCityO1/100AlphanumericBank located city* Reserve for future purpose
BankBranchNameO1/100AlphanumericReserve for future purpose
BankBranchCodeC1/100AlphanumericBank Branch Code or IFSC code* If and only if Credit to Australia, Bangladesh, India and Japan Bank AccountPlease refer to external document “GloRemit API Code List x.xlsx
bAccNumM1/45AlphanumericBeneficiary Account Number or any other unique account identifier as determined by Beneficiary issuer Optional when bAccType = 5 (Cash Pickup)
bIdTypeC1/30AlphanumericBeneficiary Identification Type. (Please refer to Section 3.4)
bIdNumC1/30AlphanumericBeneficiary Identification Number
bContactNumC1/50NumericBeneficiary’s contact number. Please specify in Country code + MSISDN format. For e.g. Indonesia = 628123456789 Tranglo will send SMS for bAccType=5
RelationshipM1/30AlphanumericBeneficiary and Sender Relationship.
bAddressC1/50AlphanumericBeneficiary’s addressRequired if bAccType=9
bCityO1/50AlphanumericBeneficiary’s resident city
bPostCodeO1/50NumericBeneficiary address postcode
bEmailO1/50AlphanumericBeneficiary’s email address
bProvinceCodeC1/50AlphanumericBeneficiary’s province codeRequired for PT POS Cash Pickup Transactions (Please refer to Section 3.6)
bRegencyCodeC1/50AlphanumericBeneficiary’s regency city codeRequired for PT POS Cash Pickup Transaction (Please refer to Section 3.7)
bPayoutIDC1/16AlphanumericBeneficiary’s payout ID or cash pick up codeTo submit the earlier Get_Payoutcode result
bPayoutPINC1/30AlphanumericBeneficiary’s payout PIN or cash pick up passwordTo submit the earlier Get_Payoutcode result
FR_KeyO32AlphanumericKey/Token for Reserved Forex
bPurposeCodeMN/ANumericPurpose of the Transaction (Please refer to section 3.9)

Response Description

GloRemit server will return a JSON format with response code and GTN transaction number when RSP request is accepted.

Sample Response:

    "transID": "1207",
    "Description":"Transaction Pending",
Paramater NameRequiredTypeRemark
TrxStatusMNumericTransaction status response code. Please see Section 3.5 for full description
GTNMAlphanumericTransaction GTN number (14characters)
transIDMAlphanumericUnique Transaction ID from RSP
PayoutPINOAlphanumericPayout PIN from cash out supplier
DescriptionMAlphanumericTransaction description or advice
LastBalMNumericThe latest balance of RSP e-wallet
CurrRateMNumericThe transaction currency rate
Status_TypeOAlphanumericStatus Type.
Possible Values:

• Approved
• Cancelled
• Failed
• Pending
• Rejected
• Suspected

M= Mandatory, C= Conditional, O= Optional