Transaction Status (ValidateStatus and TrxStatus)

As stated in the response XML/JSON payload string of Method 2.2 and Method 2.4

000ApprovedTransaction is Successful-
101DeclinedBlacklisted SenderSender name is found to be full match in UN or OFAC or other official sanction list.)
102DeclinedInsufficient GSVA fundContact to topup RSP GSVA wallet
103DeclinedBlacklisted BeneficiaryBeneficiary name is found to be full match in UN or OFAC or other official sanction list
104DeclinedBeneficiary name mismatched or emptyFor Get_Validation only. Name mismatch means account is valid but the name provided by RSP is does not match exactly with the bank’s records.RSP may ignore or update RSP records with updated Beneficiary name prior to sending Do_Transfer
105DeclinedSender name mismatchedApplicable to Get_Validation & Get_Watchlist method only
106DeclinedRSP Account InactiveContact to reactivate account.
107DeclinedBlacklisted Sender/BeneficiaryBlacklisted Sender/Beneficiary Sender or Beneficiary name is found to be full match in UN or OFAC or other official sanction list
108DeclinedInvalid Sender ID Expiry DateRefer to Do_Transfer ‘sIdExpiry’ parameter (Format: MM/dd/YYYY)
302ErrorInternal Server ErrorRSP can retry the transaction until successful. In addition to that, RSP can also use Get_TrxStatus SOAP or Get Transaction Status REST API (Section “2.4 Transfer: Get Transaction Status”) method to check for transaction status if there is no response coming back due to network timeout or other errors.
900ErrorInvalid Username or Password / Invalid Signature-
901ErrorInvalid Sender CurrencyRSP Currency Code as per RSP GSVA Wallet. Do not send as Sender currency.
902ErrorInvalid Beneficiary CurrencyPlease ensure correct currency as per target country.
903ErrorInvalid Sender IDPlease ensure Sender ID is 8 digits or more
904ErrorSender First or Last Name exceeded characters limitPlease ensure not exceed 50 characters
905ErrorInvalid Sender Amount-
906ErrorInvalid Bank or Issuer code-
907ErrorInvalid Beneficiary ID-
908ErrorInvalid Beneficiary Amount-
909ErrorBeneficiary account limit exceededPlease refer to Section 2.7.

Only Applicable for Cash Pickup Transaction

Payout StatusTypeDescription
In ProcessPendingTransaction is pending to be claimed.
ClaimedApprovedBeneficiary has claimed the money.
CancelledDeclinedTransaction has been cancelled / expired.

Only Approved and Pending type of transaction is considered as accepted in GloRemit systems. RSP Partner should reconcile the Approved and Pending transaction before attempt to retry or discard in RSP systems.

Error and Declined transaction type is considered failed and RSP systems can freely retry transactions.

Suspected transaction type is considered as Pending. RSP system MUST NOT retry transactions with Suspected status. Tranglo support team will be investigating such transactions and will update the transaction status once we have confirmation. RSP may email Tranglo Support for check for status of the investigation.


Currency code ISO 4217

Country code ISO 3166