Account Channel

Service Specification

Cash-out MethodDirect credit to bank account in Malaysia Ringgit (MYR). Supported beneficiary account type – individual and company
Transaction Turnaround TimeT+0 Malaysia Banking day for transaction processed and received before 12.00pm GMT +8 time
T+1 Malaysia Banking day for transaction processed and received after 12.00pm GMT +8 time
Area availabilityMalaysia nationwide
Validation / VerificationNo account validation or verification available
Amount receivedBeneficiary received net amount as specified by Sender
Transaction LimitMaximum per Transaction MYR 999,999.00
Minimum per Transaction MYR 1.00
Daily Limit MYR 999,999.00
Compliance accumulated limit MYR 100,000.00 per day
Transaction will be on hold for compliance review based on the supporting document should the sender or receiver has exceeded the compliance limit
Maximum BeneficiaryNo restriction
Service ChargeTransaction fee will not be refunded upon submitted to the banks
Cancellation ProcessCancellation is on best effort basis
RemarksIsrael Nationality is not allowed to transact.
Non Residence account is limited to only MYR 10,000 per transaction per day.
Transaction status will be updated after 1.5 Malaysia Banking day after the transaction is sent to bank.
Do_Transfer bAccType Value1

Supported bank

NameIssuer code
Affin Bank Berhad6000001
Affin Islamic Bank Berhad6000002
Agro Bank6000003
Alliance Bank Berhad6000004
Alliance Islamic Bank Berhad6000005
Al-Rajhi Banking and Investment Corporation (M)6000006
AmIslamic Bank6000007
Arab-Malaysian Bank Berhad6000008
Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad6000009