RSP can use this method to check and confirm the transaction status if such status is not conclusive in method 2.2 response

Request Description

Parameter NameRequiredMin/Max LengthTypeRemark
rspSignM32/50AlphanumericDigital signature of RSP
UIDM5/50AlphanumericUsername for validation.
PWDM5/50AlphanumericPassword for validation
GTNC14/16Numeric14-character GTN number from GloRemit.This field can be NULL if TransID value is submitted.
transIDC6/16AlphanumericUnique transaction ID used by RSP in Do_Transfer method.This field can be NULL if GTN value is submitted.

Response Description

1   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
2   <string xmlns="">
3     <TrxStatus>Status</TrxStatus>
4     <GTN>Code</GTN>
5     <transID>Transaction ID</transID>
6     <Description>Description</Description>
7     <PayoutID>Cash Pickup Payout ID</PayoutID>
8     <PayoutPIN>Cash Pickup Payout PIN</PayoutPIN>
9     <PayoutStatus>Cash Pickup Payout Status</PayoutStatus>
10  </string>
Parameter Name RequiredTypeRemark
TrxStatusMNumericTransaction status response code. Please see Section 3 for full description
GTNMNumeric14-character GTN number
transIDMAlphanumericUnique Transaction ID from RSP
DescriptionMAlphanumericTransaction description or advice
PayoutIDOAlphanumericPayout ID from cash out supplier
PayoutPINOAlphanumericPayout PIN from cash out supplier
PayoutStatusOAlphanumericCash Pickup Payout StatusClaimed = Cash collected by BeneficiaryInprocess = Pending Beneficiary to pickupCancelled = Transaction has been cancelledIf Credit to Bank transaction type, this will be empty. For PT Pos (Indonesia), status will be empty, RSP may check at PT Pos portal
PayoutDateTimeODateTimePayout datetime

M= Mandatory, C= Conditional, O= Optional