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GloRemit is an international money transfer hub systems that allows MTO, RSP or E-RSP (Partners) to perform remittance operations or bill payments from one country to another country. Partners shall comply with GloRemit API technical specification and development parameters to use GloRemit. With GloRemit, Partners can easily send money or pay bills to relevant Beneficiary or billers in supported country in real-time manners.


  • Updated for Version
  • Add new Sender & Beneficiary Identification type – “Company Registration No.” and “System ID” (Section 3.3 and Section 3.4)


  • Updated for Version
  • Changes on Remark column for “BankBranchCode” parameter on Page 19.
  • Changes on Description column for bAccType with value “7” (Banks-SKN) on page 46.
  • Changes on Mandatory fields for “Section 2.2: SOAP METHOD: Do_Transfer”. Following fields are Optional.
    a. sContactNum
    b. sOccupation
    c. sAddress
  • Changes to Request (trangloTransactionId, transID) Response (CancelID) parameters of Do_Cancellation


  • Updated for Version
  • Added 3 new transaction status:
      a. 919: Invalid Relationship Code
    b. 921: Invalid Source of fund Code
    c. 922: Invalid Response Code


  • Updated for Version 2.7
  • Added new Parameter in Do_Transfer (bPurpose)
  • Update on the remark for the Do_Transfer for bProvince
  • Update on the remarks for the China Account Deposit without the Chinese Name
  • Added Purpose code list
  • Added Source of fund list
  • Added Relationship list
  • Get_forex
    a. Add token field as response
  • Do_transfer
    a. Add sAmount and token field
    b. Change transID field to 64 varchar
    c. Return response ‘Pickup Code’ for cash pickup transaction. (Only applicable for Philipines / Vietnam/ Sri lanka/ India corridor
  • Get_trxstatus
    a. Add response payout DateTime
  • Added recommend suggest flow.
  • Added Transaction Type 10 – Real Time Transfer


  • Updated for Version
  • Added new function Get_Payoutcode


  • Updated for
  • Added new function Get_TrxFee
  • Added new function Do_ChangeName
  • Added new function Do_ChangeNameStatus
  • Added new transaction type (Home Delivery)


  • Updated for
  • Added new function Do_Cancellation
  • Added new function Get_CancellationStatus


  • Updated for 2.7.2
  • Added Cash Pickup PayoutStatus to Get_TrxStatus response (Live in End Oct 2014)
  • Fixed documentation error on Date format in Section 3.5, Error Code 108. Correct format is MM/dd/YYYY
  • Changed maximum length of sender and beneficiary First Name and Last Name from 25 to 50.
  • Section 3.8 – Added IFSC Info
  • China Credit to Bank Account no longer requires BankBranchCode
  • Section 3.1: Added Non Real-Time transaction type (Bank-SKN) for Indonesia Credit to Bank Account. RSP may use the existing Indonesian bank’s issuer code
  • Section 2.7: Updated information
  • Section 3.5: Updated information


  • Updated for 2.7.1
  • IMPORTANT: From July onwards, For Philippines Cash Pickup, RSP can no longer provide their own Pickup Code. The Pickup Code will now be provided in the Get_TrxStatus
  • Changed duplicate transID limit handling from 1 day to 7 days
  • For Remittance to China bank account, RSP are now required to provide the correct bankBranchCode as per GloRemit API Code List
  • Removed China bank account requirement for bankProvince and bankCity
  • Added note for Chinese name handling for Credit to China Bank in Do_Transfer
  • Added Appendix 3 for Staging test account and sample messages
  • Added new method: Get_ForexNextRate


  • Updated for 2.7
  • Do_Transfer - Change maximum length of bAccNum from 18 to 25
  • Reponses of Do_Transfer, Do_Transfer_Sync, Do_BillPayment – Added new response field: CurrRate


  • Updated for 2.6
  • Added new request parameters in Do_Transfer SOAP method to support China and India Banks
    a. bankProvince
    b. bankCity
    c. bankBranchName
    d. bankBranchCode
  • Added new code list to GloRemit API Code List.xlsx:
      a. 3.8 Bank Branch Code (bankBranchCode)


  • Updated for 2.5
  • Added new issuer code for Philippines Banks:
NoBankIssuer Code
2HSBC Savings Bank63135
3Wealth Bank63137
4CARD Bank63138
6Equicom Savings Bank63140
7Enterprise Bank63141
8Green Bank63142
9ISLA Bank63143
10Land Bank63144
11Philippine Veterans Bank63145
12Plan Bank63146
14Producers Bank63148
15Security Bank Savings63149
16UCPB Savings Bank63150
  • Removed 6 issuer codes for Philippines Banks:-
NoBankIssuer Code
1Banco Filipino63103
2Banco San Juan63104
3Centennial Savings Bank63105
4Export and Industry Bank63113
5Manila Bank63115
6OK Bank63115
  • Moved the following code list to <<GloRemit API Code List.xlsx>>:
    a. 3.6 Province Code (bProvinceCode_
    b. 3.7 Regency Code (bRegencyCode)
    c. Appendix 1 – Issuer Code List
    d. Appendix 2 – Biller Code List
  • Added new SOAP Method: Do_Transfer_Sync in Section 2.11.
  • Added new SOAP Method: Get_List in Section 2.12.


  • Updated for 2.4
  • Added new request parameters in Do_Transfer SOAP method: bProvince, bRegency and their respective code list (Section 3.6 & 3.7)


  • Updated for 2.3
  • Added issuer code and <payoutID/>&<payoutPIN/> for cash pickup transaction:
NoCountryIssuer CodeIssuer Code
1IndonesiaPT.POS IndonesiaPTPOS
2PhilippinesPickup Cash @ AnywhereCPAW
WPickup Cash @ MLhullier KwartaCPMLKP
Pickup Cash @ Cebuana LhuillierCPCL
  • Added new issuer code for Indonesian Banks:
NoBankIssuer Code
1Bank Woori Indonesia068
2Bank Victoria Syariah405
3Panin Bank Syariah517
4Bank Sahabat Sampoerna523
5Bank EKA699
7Bank Agris945
8JP Morgan Chase032
9Bank of America033
10Bangkok Bank PCL040
11Sumitomo Mitsui Indonesia045
12Resona Perdania047
13Mizuho Indonesia048
14Royal Bank of Scotland052
15BNP Paribas Indonesia057
16Korea Exchange059
17Deutshe Bank067
18Metro Ekspress152
19ICBC Indonesia164
20Bank Bisnis International459
22Yudha Bhakti490
24Prima Master520
27Purba Danarta547
28Multiarta Sentosa548
29Centratama Nasional559
30Fama International562
31Sinar Harapan Bali564
32Harda International567
33Maybank Syariah Indonesia947


  • Updated for 2.2
  • Added new transaction status – Validation Not Supported


  • Updated for 2.1
  • Added 38 new banks for Philippines


  • Updated for 2.0
  • Altered section 2.1 & section 2.7.
  • Added a new Transaction Status – Transaction Suspected.
  • Added 6 new Banks for Philippines.
  • New API for the new architecture of GloRemit System
  • Added Bill Payment related SOAP methods
  • Update document to include Bill Payments