Purpose Code List 

Code Description 
00000 Food and Live Animals 
01000 Beverages and Tobacco 
02000 Crude Materials, Inedible except Fuels 
03000 Mineral Fuels, Lubricants and Related Materials 
04000 Animals and Vegetable Oils, Fats and Waxes 
05000 Chemicals and Related Products, n.c.e. 
06000 Manufactured Goods 
07000 Machinery, Non-Customised Packaged Software and Transport Equipment 
07100 Power Lines, Pipelines and Undersea Communication Cables 
08000 Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles 
09000 Miscellaneous Transactions and Commodities n.c.e. 
09700 Nonmonetary Gold 
10010 Goods for Processing/Manufacturing Services 
11100 Freight 
11200 Passenger Fare 
11999 Other Supporting and Auxiliary Transport Services 
12200 Charter 
12300 Operational Lease 
12500 Maintenance and Repair Services n.i.e. 
13110 Goods and Services by Travellers 
13210 Goods and Services 
13220 Goods and Services by Short Term Workers 
13300 Pilgrimage/Religious-Related 
13400 Health-Related 
13500 Education-Related 
14100 Investment Income 
14259 Interest 
14310 Wages and Salaries in Cash 
14320 Wages and Salaries in Kind/Benefits Attributable to Employees 
14330 Employer's Social Contributions 
14410 Taxes on Products and Productions 
14420 Subsidiaries on Products and Productions 
14430 Rental on Natural Resources 
15000 Government Goods and Services Transactions N.I.E 
16100 Telecommunications Services 
16210 Construction and Installation Services in Malaysia 
16220 Construction and Installation Services Abroad 
16311 Premium Paid/Received on High Risk Insurance Relating to Fire, Marine, Aviation etc. 
16312 Premium Paid/Received on Other General Insurance 
16313 Premium Paid/Received on Life Insurance 
16314 Premium Paid/Received on Reinsurance 
16315 Premium Paid/Received on Insurance on Goods in the Process of Being Exported/Imported 
16321 Claim Settlements on High Risk Insurance Relating to Fire, Marine, Aviation etc. 
16322 Claim Settlements on Other General Insurance 
16323 Claim Paid/Received on Life Insurance 
16324 Claim Paid/Received on Reinsurance 
16325 Claim Paid/Received on Insurance on Goods 
16332 Auxillary Insurance Services 
16410 Explicitly-Charged Financial Services 
16420 Explicit Margins on Buying and Selling of Financial Instruments 
16430 Explicitly-Charged Asset Management Fees 
16440 Financial Intermediation Service Charges Indirectly Measured (FISIM) 
16510 Computer Services 
16520 Information Services 
16610 Royalties for Usage of Intellectual Proprerty 
16620 License Fees to Reproduce and Distribute Intellectual Property 
16710 Merchanting Trade 
16720 Sharing of Administrative Expenses 
16730 Research and Development Services 
16740 Architectural, Engineering and Other Technical Services 
16750 Agricultural, Mining and On-Site Processing 
16760 Advertising, Market Research, and Public Opinion Polling Services 
16771 Legal Services 
16772 Accounting Services 
16773 Management Consulting Services 
16791 Trade-Related Services 
16792 Water Treatment Services 
16810 Audio-Visual and Artistic Related Services 
16820 Health Services 
16830 Education Services 
16840 Heritage and Recreational Services 
16850 Other Personal Services 
16999 Other Business Services Not Classified Elsewhere 
21199 Current Transfers (Government Sector) 
21210 Grants and Gifts 
21220 Worker's Remittances / family maintenance 
21230 Legacies, Compensations and Prizes 
21241 Taxes on Income, Wealth and Other Taxable Assets (Private Sector) 
21242 Fines and Penalties (Private Sector) 
21243 Social Contributions and Benefits (Private Sector) 
21244 Social Benefits (Private Sector) 
21299 Other Current Transfers Not Classified Elsewhere (Private Sector) 
22100 Government Sector 
22200 Private Sector (Financial Corporations, Nonfinancial Corporations, Households and NPISHs) 
31110 Term Loans (Long-Term) 
31120 Term Loans (Short-Term) 
31210 Supplier's Credit (Long-Term) 
31220 Supplier's Credit (Short-Term) 
31310 Non-Participating Redeemable Preference Shares (RPS) 
31410 Financial Lease 
31510 Revolving Credit/Overdraft Facilities 
31910 Other Loan Facilities (Long-Term) 
31920 Other Loan Facilities (Short-Term) 
32000 Investment Fund Shares 
33000 Employee Stock Options (ESOS) 
34000 Subscriptions/Contributions to/Reimbursement form International Organisations 
35000 Equity Capital 
36100 Corporate Stocks and Shares 
36200 Bonds and Notes 
36300 Money Market Instruments 
36400 Government Securities 
37000 Financial Derivatives 
39110 Real Estate in Malaysia 
39120 Real Estate Abroad 
39130 Real Estate in Host Country 
39210 Deposits with/from Financial Institutions Abroad 
39220 Deposits with/from Offshore Financial Institutions in Labuan 
39230 Deposits with/from Financial Institutions in Malaysia 
99999 Data is not required to be collected according to local jurisdiction.