Fee: Get Transaction Fee

RSP can use this method to get fee that will be deduct for each transaction base on various currency and transaction amount.


GET /v1/payments/fees?bAccType={bAccType}&currFrom={currFrom}&currTo={currTo}&trxValue={trxValue}

Sample Request:

curl -v "http://staging-gloremit.tranglo.com:2014/v1/payments/fees?bAccType=1&currFrom=MYR&currTo=IDR&trxValue=1000" \
-H "Authorization: GLOREMIT <UID>:<PWD>:"

Request Description

Parameter NameRequiredMin/Max LengthTypeRemark
UIDM5/50AlphanumericUsername for validation
PWDM5/50AlphanumericPassword for validation
bAccTypeM1/30NumericBeneficiary Account Type.
(Please refer to Section 3.1)
currFromM3/6AlphanumericISO 4217 Currency Code (Sell)
currToM3/6AlphanumericISO 4217 Currency Code (Buy)
trxValueM1/16NumericTotal Amount is sent according to Beneficiary currency. It can be specified with any amount. Please refer to Section 2.7 for exception note

Response Description

Sample Response:

Parameter NameRequiredTypeRemark
CurrencyCodeMAlphanumericWallet currency will be deduct
TrxFeeMAlphaNumericFee amount will be deduct
StatusMNumericTransaction status response code. Please see Section 3.5 for full description
DescriptionMAlphaNumericTransaction description or advice