Digital Signature

The second connectivity method is via Partner’s Partner MUST use digital signature to connect to GloRemit API. Digital signature schemes can be used for Partner authentication and non-repudiation. RSP partner who wants to send a message computes a digital signature of this remittance message and then sends this digital signature together with the message to GloRemit API.

Tranglo implements MD5 message digest hashing algorithm for digital signature. Tranglo shall issue partner a key for message digest.

Establishment of Digital Signature

The message sender shall do the following

The required message component value is concatenated into 1 string.

Add the key issued by Tranglo at the end of the string.

Hash the concatenated message component with MD5 algorithm.

The results of the above step shall form the Signature value in the rspSign parameters in all GloRemit SOAP method or REST API [Authorization] header.

Required Message Component

The following message components concatenated for hashing to form digital signature. Please concatenate the value of the parameters as listed below.

Parameter NameValue
Get_Validation MethodRequestUIDtransIDsIDNumbAccTypebAccNumbIssuerCode
Do_Transfer Method RequestRequestUIDtransIDtrxValue (Format: #.## - 2 decimal points without commas)sCurrsIDNumsFirstNamesLastNamebCurrencybIDNumbFirstNamebLastNumbAccTypebAccNumbIssuerCode
Get_Forex MethodRequestUIDcurrFromcurrTo
Get_TransferStatus MethodRequestUIDGTNTransID (if any)
Do_BillInquiry MethodRequestUIDtransIDsIDNumbAccNumbIssuerCode
Do_BillPayment MethodRequestUIDtransIDtrxValue (Format: #.## - 2 decimal points without commas)sCurrsIDNumsFirstNamesLastNamebCurrencybAccNumbIssuerCode