Congrats, BigPay x Alipay!

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Congrats, BigPay x Alipay!

Within the fintech sphere, we celebrate innovations and achievements. And there is nothing more relevant today than reuniting a fragmented but globalised world through cross-wallet collaboration.

If you haven’t heard, Malaysian e-wallet Bigpay has just announced a partnership with Chinese e-commerce giant Alipay, offering direct money transfer from one wallet to another. That’s a significant breakthrough.

We anticipate more and more such collaborations. What does this mean to local businesses and consumers? Well, more competition means more competitive fees, and that bodes well for the growth and accessibility of sustainable payments moving forward.

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好消息! Here’s the easiest way to transfer money to China ??: BigPay x Alipay!

When we started our journey in international bank transfers, our mission was to give every BigPay customer the absolute best way of transferring their money overseas with low fixed fees and great exchange rates.

Now, we’ve taken one giant leap forward - BigPay is giving you the best way to send money to your friends and family in China with BigPay x Alipay!

So, what’s the big fuss of BigPay x Alipay all about?

1. It’s fast - REAL fast ⚡

Conventional, old-school telegraphic transfers usually take one or two working days. With BigPay x Alipay, we get your transfer done within 15 minutes.

That’s faster than one episode of your typical Korean drama. Speedier than a shower (a proper one, of course!). Quicker than your average pizza delivery. You get the point - it’s fast!

2. It’s awesomely affordable ?

If you haven’t heard, BigPay’s exchange rates on international transfers are some of the best in the market. Find out for yourself - your first transfer is absolutely free!

We like giving you the upper hand when it comes to managing your money. That’s why BigPay charges a fixed fee of RM23 per transfer regardless of the amount.

In other words, the more you transfer, the more you save!

3. It’s a whole new level of convenience & transparency ?

We control almost everything with our phone these days - so why should international transfers be any different?

BigPay makes transferring money to China so convenient (and safe with the right steps), you don’t even have to get up from the couch! All you need is your phone and the BigPay app to get your money transferred in the next 15 minutes.

We’re also big on transparency - we’ll tell you exactly how much you’ll be receiving, what’s the rate you’re getting, and exactly how much you’ll save.

Can’t wait to get your hands on BigPay x Alipay? Here’s a quick recap before you get started

  • It’s lightning-fast ⚡ , your money only takes 15 minutes to arrive
  • It’s straight-up affordable ?, with fixed fees & some of the best exchange rates
  • It’s super simple and clear ?, do it all and know it all from your phone

Here’s how international transfers with BigPay via Alipay work:

  1. Get your recipient’s Alipay ID and name ready
  2. Send the amount desired to your Alipay ID via the BigPay app’s international transfer function
  3. Your money will arrive at the UnionPay card account linked to the aforementioned Alipay account

Note: If your UnionPay card account isn’t linked to the Alipay account, you have 24 hours to do it after you’ve made your transfer.

Enjoy your first international transfer for FREE ?

ICYMI, if you’ve never done an international transfer with BigPay, we’re giving you the first taste of easy, hassle-free international transfer without the fees!

If you’d like to see where else you can send money to with BigPay and enjoy similar & awesome benefits, check it out here.

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