Founded in 2008, Tranglo provides licensed Financial Institutions, businesses and consumers worldwide the ability to make timely cross-border payout or transfer through Tranglo FI solutions and turn-key B2C solutions (Tik FX and TreatsUp). Our proven platform has processed >USD 1 billion cross-border transactions for various clients.

Our history started when our first generation Prepaid Reload was done in 2008; a single reload card which enabled the topup of multiple prepaid mobile accounts for the Malaysia-Indonesia corridor. Later that same year, we saw the addition of real-time peer-to-peer airtime Prepaid Credit Transfer platform with Malaysia Mobile Operators. In 2011, Tranglo rolled out its FI solutions to enable cross-border money payout for Indonesia, Philippines and Bangladesh.

Today, Tranglo’s services and solutions have also been employed globally by banks, mobile operators and money service business to payout to multiple channels (banks, cash, telecoms, vouchers) across 100 countries. Empowered by a team dedicated to making financial technology work for us, Tranglo’s mission is to empower cross-border payment services to everyone, regardless of geographical border.

Tranglo group of companies is authorised Approved Payment Institution in the United Kingdom, Money Service Business in Malaysia, Remittance Licensee in Singapore and Fund Transfer Licensee in Indonesia, which adhere to strict compliance with international anti-money-laundering laws and best know your customer (KYC)/customer due diligence practices. Founded in 2008, Tranglo has received investment through leading private equity fund, venture capital and a strategic player in the industry.

Our vision


Home, work or business – we consistently deliver joy across borders with our secure and easy transfers.

Being the global leader in providing accessible and equitable mobile telecom and financial services to the general mass.

We aim to create services which are accessible and a one-stop-solution-shop for secure online transfers, reloads and conveniences.


We highly value open mindedness and great team work. With our open-door policy, we practice our believes in connecting people through meaningful exciting engagements.

As Tranglo expands globally, we want to continually ease important conversations and transactions so our clients can focus on life’s more pressing matters.

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As a global entity, Tranglo owns various subsidiaries in multiple countries for compliance and licensing purpose. Tranglo is fully committed to best practices in global payment compliance.

   Tranglo Sdn Bhd

Is a Remittance license holder from Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank of Malaysia)

   Tranglo Europe Ltd

Is a holder of Approved Payment Institution (API) license from United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

   PT Tranglo Indonesia

Is a holder of Fund Transfer license from Bank Indonesia (Central Bank of Indonesia)

   Tranglo Pte Ltd

Is a holder for Remittance / Money Service Operator license from Monetary Authority Singapore (MAS)

In The News

Etisalat launches International Airtime Credit Transfer in UAE with Tranglo

"The International Credit Transfer is designed understanding the growing need of the expat community of gifting airtime to their loved ones back home or recharging their own prepaid account while roaming in UAE. It was essential to offer value to the recipient and the sender guaranteeing security and privacy of the transaction."

- Khaled El Khouly, Chief Marketing Officer
Tranglo enables Merchantrade's customers to transfer prepaid airtime credit with a transfer value as low as US$1 safely and in real time

"Communication is vital for all families, especially those who are separated from their loved ones due to work abroad. Merchantrade has worked hard to give value added services to the migrant workers’ community in Malaysia, now numbering some 2.3 million. With this new offering of international airtime transfer, we are now able to further help migrants stay in touch with their families overseas."

Tranglo spreads it “Sharing Joy” Philosophy to School Children in Indonesia

“Benefiting the underprivileged school children in Indonesia’s Nusa Tenggara Barat –a region where residents rely on hard labour work opportunities in surrounding countries, leaving young children without the consistent physical presence of their parent”

- Khaled El Khouly, Chief Marketing Officer

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